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Elite 7 has compiled some of the most up-to-date articles on sports medicine topics below. Check back frequently as new resources will be added. In addition you will find our Blog, with sports medicine content from some of our staff members.

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The National Athletic Trainers' Association released a bridge statement to update the management of sports related concussion. Among the recommendations are: immediate initial relative rest (24 - 48 hours) followed by symptom-limited cognitive and physical activity as well as symptom-tolerated aerobic exercise and clinician directed actives as directed; return-to-play protocols should be individualized and focus on symptom resolution, have graduated stages, and emphasize a multidimensional approach to recovery; a return-to-learn progression should be implemented using a collaborative approach involving school personnel, medical providers, and families to ensure proper support and monitoring of students with a sport-related-concussion. 

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Athlete stretching hamstring


Hamstring strains are a common injury among athletes of all ages and often require rehabilitation and potentially some missed time before returning to sport. The goal of rehabilitation is not only to decrease pain and increase strength, but to minimize the risk of reinjury. Return to sport is usually achieved within a few weeks, but athlete performance may be impaired and reinjury rates tend to be higher. This article looks at the mechanism of injury and how to progress through the rehabilitation process while safely and effectively loading the hamstring.

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